In a place that you would not think of glass where three rivers come to a point is where glass artist turned block and mold maker Gary Guydosh resides. Pittsburgh is not a place that one first thinks of for having a lot of wood products, but is the heart of Black Cherry tree country.
Guydosh is first and foremost a glass artist. He and his wife started their glass gallery/studio – Gallery G Glass Inc. in 1998 in the heart of one of the world’s largest glass manufacturing areas." Pittsburgh once known as the glass city was where I wanted to start my studio", said Guydosh. "I have always liked working with wood, even before I started blowing glass. Now I have found a way to put the two worlds together." I first thought of it back in 1999 when I met Water Evans at a class in Corning New York. He kept talking about not having anyone to pass his trade to. That planted the seed. Then while working with Simone Cenedese in Venice Italy, I had a heart attack. I told my wife that I needed a change and said I am going to call Walt and learn block making. He did just that a few months latter.
Hot Block Tools was opened for business in January 2006 after practicing and reworking what he learned from Evans. The first major showing of the blocks was at the Saint Louis GAS conference and they were a hit. Guydosh has been told by glassblowers that purchased his products that they were the best they have used.
Guydosh said that this came from his knowledge of glass and the tools that were needed to work it. I will not make a tool that I have not first used myself to make sure it works for the smaller glass blowing studio setting. He can also use this knowledge in the studio to help others figure out what they need for the job they are working on.
So if you are looking for wooden glassblowing tools, blocks, and molds give Gary a call. You can rest assured that he will make what you need and will always be willing to help in any way.